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Speak up regarding Evanston Parks

Renovations are underway or in planning at many Evanston parks.

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March 15, 2023

Evanston is Reimagining Its Lakefront and Many Parks

Speak up to enhance pollinator and bird habitat with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

Beck Park Google map
Beck Park

Areas up for reconsideration:

  • Lakefront shoreline repairs - lawn on the lakefront doesn't halt erosion. Add bird habitat with deep rooted native plants such as willows. Stop mowing to encourage deep roots.
  • Beck Park (photo) - Lots of potential for large natural areas on the North Shore Channel, just like Ladd Arboretum and Harbert-Payne woods. This is a big open grassy park on the Channel in the 5th ward.
  • Fountain Square - Couldn't we add container/s with pollinator plants and signage spreading the word?
  • Independence Park. Add a large natural area around the edges of the park, and enhance the central display pollinator garden.
  • James Park (Lighting) keep lights shaded to where they are needed, and off by 11pm. Amber-red for birds and fireflies.
  • Larimer Park - A magnet already for migrant songbirds. Keep the mature trees around the playground and enhance the bird habitat.
  • Lovelace Pond reconstruction. Empty and house the turtles at the Ecology Center during construction. Naturalize the pond.
  • Skate Park in Twiggs. During the construction, take out the buckthorn along the Channel slope and fund native plantings, like those at Ladd Arboretum. Add straight natives (not nativars) to the skate garden.  Here is the bid information on the park - see pages 273-279.

To Submit Comments: See the contact form is on each park page, including here.  Best if you can speak to individual parks that you know.  But you can also write about all the projects to city staff and the city engineer managing the projects: Stefanie Levine and Lara Biggs.



Gardening that Matters video presentation

Gardening that Matters. Get Started or Enhance your Native Garden.  March 2023 presentation to North Shore Senior Center's Tuesday Club. A simple way to take action for climate, community healthand biodiversity: Swap out your lawn for native plants.  Reconsidering theculture of lawns. Why it matters, steps to prioritize, how to get started, andhow to amplify the change. Leslie Shad of Natural Habitat Evanston presents.

See videoSee video

You're Needed! Here Are Some Involvement Opportunities

Donating to Climate Action Evanston and earmarking your donation for Natural Habitat Evanston. You can further earmark your donation to one of our initiatives.

Take the Pollinator and Bird Pledge

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Join our Pollinator Pledge and let the city and landscapers know we care about sustainable yards. Take an optional yard sign to spread the word.

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Buffalo Grass Anyone?

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$25/bag to local residents (pickup; no shipping). We also have some $5 seed packets of bottlebrush and little bluestem grass. While supplies last. Emails should include your phone number and which species you are requesting. Pay by check payable to Citizens’ Greener Evanston at pickup.

Volunteer at plantings and invasive removals: parks and schools

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Help at outdoor workdays

Join No Mow May

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Rethink how you Lawn

Sign on: Northwestern students Petition for Bird-Friendly Films at Mudd Library

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Northwestern students Petition for Bird-Friendly Films at Mudd Library. Mudd Library accounts for over 14% of bird deaths and injuries on campus each year. Applying patterned window film to a portion of the building would dramatically reduce collisions that are fatal to birds.

More Ways to Volunteer: Spread the word

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Share out brochures, doorhangers, or flyers. Collect a bunch of materials on the 5th Ward Tree Giveaway, Pollinator Pledge, Eco landscaping, Yard care, Light pollution, Leaf blowers are an eco-disaster, or Buffalo Grass.

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Certify with National Wildlife Federation

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Provide Food, Water, Shelter, Places to Raise Young and Sustainable Steps for wildlife. It helps Evanston maintain its NWF Community-wide Wildlife Habitat certification.