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Some Key Climate Actions YOU Can Take

Go Electric at Home

Convert from fossil fueled to electrically powered home heating, hot water, ovens, cooktops, clothes dryers and vehicles. Install rooftop solar if it makes sense, and invest in Community Solar if it doesn't.
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Change Your Household Habits

You can cut your home energy use with minimal effort by simply turning off lights when they're not in use - and a host of other actions.
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Look for Medium Scale Projects

How much attic insulation do you have? Are window and door weatherstripping in good condition? Are gaps sealed around construction points?
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Plan Ahead for Major Purchases

If you wait until the last minute to replace something you urgently need — like home heating or cooling, hot water, clothes dryers, ovens and cooktops — your options to "go green" will likely be limited.
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Get Informed About CEJA

The Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) in Illinois is investing in developing a renewable energy workforce with Black and Brown communities at the forefront. Solar energy has a critical role to play in our clean energy future. CEJA’s massive investment will allow more Illinois families than ever to reap the rewards.
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What WE are Doing to Accelerate Climate Action in Evanston

Assisting Development of a Natural Gas Phase-Out Ordinance

We're providing assistance to Evanston's Sustainability Coordinator with preliminary ordinance drafting.
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Propelling Illinois Stretch Energy Code Tracking

We're providing assistance to Evanston's Sustainability Coordinator and code officials for key points in favor of adoption.
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Creating an Evanston Rooftop Solar Photo Catalog

Creating a photo catalog of Evanston rooftop solar installations, based on the EcoHub map locations and enlisting volunteers from NU and ETHS to assist. If the opportunity exists, invite participation in the annual Illinois Solar Tour.
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Our Calendar

Evanston’s First Passive House: Crafting a 21st Century Solution for a Historic District

Join architect Nate Kipnis, FAIA, and homeowner Margaret Stender for a special Earth Week presentation about Evanston’s first certified Passive House. The home was designed to PHIUS (Passive House) standards, one of the most rigorous building certifications for exceptionally energy-efficient and remarkably resilient homes. It is approximately 30 times as airtight as the neighboring homes, all while providing correct levels of fresh air. It has a very large solar array to power the house. Because it is an all-electric home, it does not have a gas line going to it, and even has a carbon-free ‘fireplace’.

Register now!Register now!
Apr 25
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Evanston History Center, 225 Greenwood Street

Unscheduled Events

2023 Illinois Solar Tour

Dates TBD. Usually a Saturday in late September or early October. Home and business owners with renewable energy installations share their passion, knowledge, and experience of owning, maintaining, and living with renewable energy. This FREE event offers the opportunity to tour innovative green homes and buildings, and see how solar energy can be used efficiently. The tour hopes to inspire people across the state to make sustainable energy choices that reduce carbon emissions, reduce costs, and support energy independence.

Recap of 2022 Illinois Solar TourRecap of 2022 Illinois Solar Tour

Evanston Clean Energy Map

Here's where solar panels and geothermal systems been installed around town.

You're Needed! Here Are Some Involvement Opportunities

Support our mapping project

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Help us keep our map updated as we track Evanston's progress in the installation of solar panels, heat pumps, geothermal heating systems, vehicle charging stations, and infrastructure supporting people-powered modes of transportation like bicycling and walking.

Support our program by donating to Climate Action Evanston and earmarking your donation to support the Energy Program.