A climate action evanston program

Some Key Climate Actions YOU Can Take

Recycle More

Beyond your blue bin, there are ways to recycle textiles, books, batteries, paint, art supplies, and more.
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Fix It, Don't Toss it

Extend the life of small appliances, furniture, clothes, and bikes at a Repair Café or tapping local experts.
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Compost your Food Waste

Over 25% of what we throw away can be used to regenerate our soil. There are many options for how to do this.
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Buy Used

Evanston and our region are rich in thrift shops, resale and consignment. From clothes to bikes to kitchen cabinets, you can get it.
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When you're done using something, pass it along. We've done the legwork, and maintain a directory of where to donate and re-sell.
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Sometimes we have more than we need. Consider sharing your tools, your excess food with a neighbor or a stranger.
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What WE Are Doing to Create Environmental Equity in Evanston

Repair Cafes

Love it? Fix it! Come to the Repair Café events to get help. Fix your bike, diagnose your electronics, mend your clothes, and more!
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Circular Evanston Roadmap

The Circular Evanston working group is engaging residents and businesses to craft a vision and roadmap for how to truly move "beyond waste."
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Waste Less Workshops

Join neighbors for a conversation about how we reduce our waste, and increase our resilience through repair, reuse and recirculation of resources in our community.
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When we recycle, compost, reuse, reduce, repair and share, we strengthen community, increase equity, create new economic value, and conserve energy and water. This program works to build the capacity for Evanston to move beyond waste.

Upcoming Events

EPA Webinar on Climate Action Plan Deconstruction and Reuse

Climate planning experts — Including Anne Nicklin from Evanston's own Rebuilding Exchange — will discuss how they have included deconstruction and building material reuse into climate action plans, and how they are measuring or planning to measure environmental impacts, and other outcomes. Experts will share innovative, equitable Climate Plans and actions on deconstruction and reuse in Minnesota, Portland, Oakland, San Antonio, and Evanston.

Register for this Event HereRegister for this Event Here
Apr 3
1:00 pm
2:30 pm
Virtual (Register to Get the Link)

Circular Resources Map

You're Needed! Here Are Some Involvement Opportunities

Many local organizations and programs that reduce waste welcome volunteers, including Evanston Repair Café, The Rebuilding Exchange, Evanston School Children's Clothing Association, The WasteShed, and The Recyclery.

Although Climate Action Evanston is a volunteer organization, we have expenses. Increasing our revenues allows us to budget to do more. If you wish you can target donations to a specific program or programs.