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Evanston and our region are rich in thrift shops, resale and consignment. From clothes to bikes to kitchen cabinets, you can get it.

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August 14, 2023

There are a lot of options to buy quality used items in Evanston and nearby. Below is a very partial list of these places. Please contact us if you want to add your favorite to the list!

Squeezebox Books and Music, 743 Main St., 847-943-9309

Stepping Out on Faith, 1632 Orrington Ave., 847-733-0980

Classy Closet Consignment, 701 Washington St., 847-475-0355

YWCA Crowded Closet, 808 Dempster St., 847-475-1135

Crossroads Trading, 1730 Sherman Ave., 847-492-9400

Goodwill, 1916B Dempster St., 847-905-1202

Junior League Thrift House, 920 Chicago Ave., 847-328-5778

Minouchic Boutique, 1900 Asbury Ave., Ste. B, 847-859-2066

Play it Again Sports, 1908 Dempster St., Evanston, IL 60202, 847-866-1733

The WasteShed, 1245 Hartrey Ave., 224-999-7460

Rebuilding Exchange, 1245 Hartrey Ave., 773-252-3017

Salvation Army, 4335 Oakton St., Skokie, 800-728-7825

SCARCE, 800 S. Rohlwing Rd (Route 53) Unit D Addison, 630-545-9710

The Recyclery Collective, 7628 N Paulina St., Chicago, 773-262-5900

Unique, 3748 N Elston Ave., Chicago, 773-279-0850

Village Discount Outlet, 4898 N. Clark St., 866-545-3836

The Brown Elephant, 5404 N. Clark St., Chicago, 773-271-9382

Buffalo Exchange, 5252 N Clark St., Chicago, 773-938-4001

Habitat REstore, 6040 N Pulaski Rd., Chicago, 312-563-0296


Circularity and Decarbonization

This is a great interview regarding the connection between increased "circularity" and reducing greenhouse gases.

Read Article HereRead Article Here

Guide to recycle, compost and reuse in Evanston

Updated June 2023, this is a material-by-material guide for how & where to handle waste — from everyday plastics and metals to unusual and hard to recycle items. Please submit corrections or additions to our Beyond Waste team.

Download the current version of the GuideDownload the current version of the Guide

Chicago Environmentalists

Chicago Environmentalists is a Chicago-based group that compiles great tips  about sustainable living. They host an excellent, searchable directory of recycling and reuse opportunities.

Click for the Chicago Environmentalists directoriesClick for the Chicago Environmentalists directories

Notes from March 19th Waste Less Workshop

Notes from our first community workshop on March 19, 2023 at Rebuilding Exchange.

Click to see the Workshop NotesClick to see the Workshop Notes

Presentation from Waste Less Workshop

This is the presentation given at the outset of the Waste Less Workshop. It contains some background as well as the questions we used to structure our conversations in the workshop. Put in full screen mode if you want to see the animations correctly.

Click here to access the slidesClick here to access the slides

You're Needed! Here Are Some Involvement Opportunities

22 million pounds of plastic enter the Great Lakes each year, and just over half of that ends up in Lake Michigan. Help end that by supporting a bill in the Illinois Legislature to ban styrofoam foodware.

Volunteer to Support Reuse

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Many local organizations and programs that reduce waste welcome volunteers, including Evanston Repair Café, The Rebuilding Exchange, Evanston School Children's Clothing Association, The WasteShed, and The Recyclery.

Although Climate Action Evanston is a volunteer organization, we have expenses. Increasing our revenues allows us to budget to do more. If you wish you can target donations to a specific program or programs.

We are looking for people to lead an initiative to bring (and return) reusable bags at Farmer's Markets in Evanston this season. Volunteer to staff a table and drum up support, so we can reduce plastic waste and encourage.